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Thursday, November 10, 2011

No Monkey Business

Baby Sister keeps reminding us how funny 2 can be. And how much of their lives are phases.  Apparently a climbing one has just dawned.  Before she put pajamas back on* and began to scale our back door, she'd done done a full body pull up on the railing in our building's lift.  And yesterday she kept trying to hang from the overhead strap on the bus like a little monkey at the zoo.  She must have enviable upper body strength.

*There's another phase:  changing clothes all day long.   No complaints there - that one says to me "I can dress myself" which is amazing, laudable, and efficient!  It also means that many days she wears shoes that don't match.  

Another phase is to announce that someone is "NOT in charge."  That one is less funny, but like all of them, we know it won't last too terribly long.

Biggest Brother would never have dreamed of pulling this type of trick, which probably explains why he laughs the loudest at her.  Baby Number 4 and not only did I let her do it, but I got the pix to prove it. Further evidence that there really is something to that birth order thing.  If for no other reason than your parents have figured out what is funny.

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