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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The First Decade

This little guy (he of silky soft hair, round belly, precious shoes and fantastic pants) somehow turned 10 on Easter Sunday. He is such a gem. It is hard to imagine, but we love him even more than we did when he was brand new. He's the captain of our team, king of our castle, and cheerful leader of an admiring little brood.

This sure has been a big year for Biggest Brother as he became our family's pioneer in British schools. He's picked up a bit of an accent and toured Europe along the way.

For his big birthday he asked for a guitar. And celebrated turning 10 in Scotland. Who would have thought that when he burst onto the scene in Richmond he'd be a full-on European city dweller a decade later?  Life is funny that way.

Truth be told, this is his second guitar. Years ago he asked Santa to bring him a "tar" and enjoyed playing it along with his drums. He continues to thrive on the drums and we're excited to see where he'll take his new instrument now that he's ready for lessons. So far he's already taken it to the Diana playground where he gave several impromptu concerts!  A busker in the making. He saw more musicians playing this week in Edinburgh and was undoubtedly inspired.

Biggest Brother is hosting a few of his friends for lazer tag and a sleepover (apparently "slumber party" sounded a bit girlish to him!) this weekend. It will be the first of that kind of party we've hosted. Appropriately so. Biggest Brother is always leading the way with the firsts.

It doesn't seem like that long ago that the Mister and I had to excuse ourselves from visitors to work together at changing his diaper. And it definitely took the both of us to strap him into the Bjorn in those first days. In those quick years in between, he's continued to be a sweet and sunny part of our family. He was even kind enough to endure my lengthy, minute by minute retelling of the exciting day he arrived!  And happily recounted his previous 9 birthday party themes. The first being "farm" which included my nearly 90 year old grandmother wearing a red bandana like all the guests!

He is an all around good guy. And not just because he changed diapers at 4. He's just always been sweet. He is bright, happy, charming, patient, responsible, talented and very silly.  We are all in love. Happy Birthday, Lovey!  Even though I no longer have to bend down to talk to you, you'll always be my little dolly.

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