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Monday, April 16, 2012

Let's Have a Jubilee

New to expat living, what do I know, but I'm pretty certain that we happened upon being here at one of the best times ever. Certainly better to be here now than when London hosted the Olympics last. Although how they were able to pull of the "Austerity Games" is worthy of a whole post in itself. I keep thinking that would be akin to having just had a massive flood or fire in your home and yet still inviting a huge crowd for a fancy dinner party.  I suspect the British are almost singularly capable of that sort of effort. Keeping calm, carrying on with stiff upper lips and all.

Anyway, I'm not sure we could have picked a better time to be Londoners. It is certainly a blessing that we arrived, unpacked and are now fully settled as a new year of excitement (the Queen's Jubilee! The Olympics!) in the city is upon us. Not to mention that our guest book will soon be filled with returning visitors!  Cause for celebration all around.

Easter Sunday and a long break are behind us and now the big kids are back to school today. Sniff and sigh. Family Night last night took on a special feeling of frantic fun and it is all too terribly sentimental for me. So much of our life these days seems to be marked by passages of time and I see the children changing so quickly. We had such a lovely break and everyone - Big Sister especially - really needed the time off. The smalls were playing games together this morning literally until the last moment before we had to hop on a bus and I'm luring them home this afternoon with the promise of more games!

So now, my friends, as you may have noted, preparations for the Queen's Jubilee are well under way in our flat.

As Baby Sister and I watched the Queen address Parliament this morning no fewer than 2 packages were delivered for our decor. Honestly, they must have been sent from a special source knowing we'd be missing the kids terribly in our suddenly all too quiet flat. I'd done some of the decorating of our dining room already and had the chance to add to the goodies with what was delivered today.

And while I know she's not our Queen, and I'm not necessarily a royalist, I am touched by the history of our countries, inspired by British endurance, excited by the pageantry already on display, and charmed by the vintage treasures that will always remind us of our life in London.

Here's hoping these remembrances won't consume our flat before the actual celebrating begins this summer.  I've already started buying for friends Stateside and shipping them abroad. The things here are just too delightful to pass up. Not pictured, but among my favorites collected so far is a plate bearing the simple words "It Should Have Been Me." It was meant for the royal wedding, but seems equally as appropriate for fanfare surrounding the Queen. Not that it should have been me. Gracious. I would be a bit of a disastrous dignitary. If I felt the prick of a tear hearing the nice things said to and by the Queen today on my couch, I can't imagine how my face would have melted in high definition close ups.

Lucky us: Decorated flat, full calendar, festive sideboards and a busy London life!  So, without further delay, let's have a jubilee!

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  1. My mother is having a HUGE Jubilee party and just placed a Party Pieces order. I am hosting a Royal Wedding Anniversary Party and using several of the goodies you sent me!!