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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back To Business

We're moving right along into this school year, my friends. This replaced our Olympic wreath. Our sideboards still say summer but someday they'll have fall totems. Hopefully before I get out the skulls and Halloween goodies.

But meanwhile, we're easing into a lovely school year. The only one in which the smalls will attend the same school. (At least, until Biggest Brother and Big Brother are toiling away on advanced degrees while the girls are in undergraduate programs, right?  A girl can hope!). Blessedly, neither our after school activities ("clubs") nor homework has begun yet. We need these days just to figure out a schedule and get into a routine.

So far, Baby Sister is in a lovely little routine. I pick her up after lunchtime, we come home to read stories and she sleeps the rest of the afternoon until we go for the kids. Then it is to our favorite park with seemingly the entire population of Our Sweet School. Today Baby Sister went in to the park in a pair of fruit print short pajamas, a cardigan, plaid sun hat of the boys', and leopard print ballet flats. As you may have gathered, it is a casual spot, our park.

My mornings solo have been super in case you were wondering (and don't worry - I've heard it a million times: "What will you DO with yourself all morning?!"). It is funny to me that I've never once heard anyone ask the Mister what he'll do when he's on a 13 hour flight. Or a long trip that includes a weekend. Or even on his daily commute, which is about as long as I'm alone each day. Several of my mornings have been spent at back to school-type meetings, meeting the teachers.

After today's Meet the Teacher morning with Big Brother's lovely teacher, I saw two classes passing each other on the stairs.  What caught my eye was two children stopping in their lines to kiss each other. Would you know it was Big Brother and Big Sister?! So happy to run into each other.

We're getting an A plus so far although I may get demerits for still not having name tags on everything. This is a project I neglected last year, and told myself I'd do when my mother was here in May, and definitely when the last round of new uniforms arrived a few weeks ago. But we're having a slow start and a good one. For which I'm grateful.

The name tags may have to wait because next up is labelling all the thing Biggest Brother will take on the class camp trip next week.  Apparently, he can't take the rest of the smalls!

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