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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy First Days of School

It was a great first day and second day, too at Our Sweet School for the smalls. Baby Sister was the first bright and smiling face to appear at her Nursery room door both days. Who wouldn't be happy to see this sunny little face at the beginning of your work day?

Big Sister is so happy that her uniform is a darling dress. Perhaps sartorially emboldened, she ran for and won a spot on School Council!  That makes her big brothers (and all of us) very proud.

It won't be every year that we go to school by red bus and scooter combo.

Maybe the biggest cause for celebration was two days of dates for the Mister and me. We toured the British museum and rode Boris bikes while the smalls unpacked new pencils.

Exciting times in London, my friends and a huge relief that the first two days were such good ones. If I ever get through the mountainous pile of uniforms still awaiting name tags, I'll tell you what a lovely and sunny summer weekend we had, too.  But meanwhile, I'll say that Europe became infinitely smaller when we ran into school friends while touring the beaches at Broadstairs in Kent on Saturday and splashing in the waters at Hyde Park today. You know you're at home when you start running into friends - even a few hours train ride from your flat!

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