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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dear Dairy: Good Reports from the Home Counties

We got a letter from Biggest Brother in the mail yesterday. Complete with a darling self portrait. Many of you will read your thanks below!

Thank you for your beatiful letters. Please tell everyone who sent a letter that they were lovely. I am having a great time. Here are some things that you might want to know...

- The bus stalled half way up the hill but we were okay and made it to camp on time.

- There is no hot water so well will have to go outside.

Thanks again!  Love you.

Yes. We're equally as baffled as you are regarding the hot water. Made no sense to us either. It hasn't been reported by anyone else and clearly isn't dampening any spirits. Our guy is having a great time and we're equally pleased that the morning tears have abated. Success in the wild and at home, where the welcome wagon is gearing up for his return.

We've heard they built shelters, went rock climbing and attempted a camp fire. We got to see a picture of him kitted out for a ropes course and he posted this cute note on the school website:

Dear Dairy,
This evening, after supper, we all went to the tuck shop (the shop). I got a sweet to have during our giant games and a small stuffed animal. We all had some free time to play football or play in the adventure playground. It was wet so it was a challenge to stay on our feet and keep control of the ball, while you run trying to jump those hard tackles.
After free time, we headed over to the school hall for what we thought was "giant games." We found in the hall that there was giant games. There were 8 games set up for us. We played and played for an hour until it was time to head back to our cabin.
When we got back, there was hot chocolate out for us on the tables. We raced to get our pyjamas on. We tried not to brag to the girls that we had more time to talk before bed. We chatted and made some disturbing sounds before falling asleep.  
From the memories of the top bunk.

Disturbing sounds? I read it a few times hoping that they'd heard disturbing sounds outside their windows. Maybe rustling in the dark, snapping of twigs, the hooting of an owl, or something in the wild that might disturb city boys as they drifted off to sleep at camp. But no. I read it right the first time. It was those very boys making disturbing sounds. My juvenile sense of humor and I'll get over that because getting these notes from him have been a real delight. 

The biggest delight will be getting him home. Disturbing sounds and all.

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