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Monday, October 22, 2012

Rave Reviews

I'll keep this one short (imagine!) but a quick note to say that my favorite dj had a ball on Friday night and won high praise for his new gig at Our Sweet School. How he managed to keep a 2.5 hour play list and his good humor rolling with Baby Sister on his lap, the boys and their friends shouting out requests, and surely not enough fuel is beyond me.

And in the benign neglect files, Baby Sister wore two right foot Mary Janes to Nursery today.  I am so proud and grateful that she dresses herself in the mornings (sometimes with the help of Big Brothers who also blessedly shower her, too!) and that I only really "do" her hair (and last week I even managed to delegate that to our guest!) and breakfast. Bless her heart. When we were all settled on the bus, I looked down and spied two same sized/same foot black patent shoes. She was befuddled about why we thought she was curious, funny, and pitiful. So we assured her she looked great and ready to hit the ground running on a Monday!

It is surely a bit of an axiom that if we leave our flat in an orderly manner on time that something unforeseen is amiss. Today it was those tiny shoes. Baby Sister didn't mind and her teacher promises me she doesn't consider her the least bit neglected. Still, I cannot help but to remind myself that people with much larger families than ours manage, and even more, that Biggest Brother never left the house in mismatched shoes.

But on those days, I am also reminded that Biggest Brother didn't have the benefit of a big, loving, built in cadre of best buddies. This is what I found the other morning as I was hightailing my way to a shower. And here I have to note that ever my mother's daughter, I try to leave the house with our beds made, rooms picked up, and a load going in both the dishwasher and washing machine. So racing toward a shower and finding this was blissful.

My smalls gathered on my bed in their tiny school uniforms. Biggest Brother was braiding Baby Sister's hair and they were reading and playing together. They had the entire flat to themselves and they chose to be in the same few inches of each other. Makes my heart sing.

And while we're all very much enjoying our last year in London (which one of my dear girlfriends who lives in London so aptly refers to as "our Senior Year!"), talk about where we're headed and that we'll move next summer is happening. Big Sister said last night, "I don't want to move. It will be so sad." We all agree. We know, too that being together and going en masse will be a big help wherever we land.

We know we'll have each other, great music, a handsome dj, and lots of little shoes. Most of which make perfect little pairs.

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