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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It All Adds Up or 1+1 = 6

This tiny girl was elected a Treasurer of Our Sweet School's School Council. Hooray, Maths! Hooray, Big Sister!

And speaking of maths, these two counted 13 years of marriage over the weekend.

We have a tradition of having an Indian dinner on our anniversary in celebration of eating at a favorite Indian restaurant on our wedding night. For the first time it was dinner for six at a fantastic spot near Marble Arch. There were heaping plates being passed around our table over Matchbox cars and Barbie dolls. Plates of naan, basmati, lamb, chick peas, curries. Yum. And the company even better!

Big Brother, ever the sweetheart, dressed up (maybe more than we did) for dinner - his tiny wing tips and all - and was a darling little conversationalist. He asked, "What year do you think was the hardest...?" and I gulped. Boy, Big Brother, I wasn't really thinking of discussing relative marital woes over a celebratory dinner...seems so deep. But then he continued, "To buy for?" Ha! And whew!

The Mister and I always follow the traditional gifts for each anniversary and it sure makes the shopping and festivities that much more fun. The first year was paper, then iron and bronze (apparently fortification is essential in the early years!) and this one was lace!

I love the Mister. Not just because he's the new dj at Our Sweet School. He's my lovey, my best friend. And lace made such sense for this year. So appropriate. The pretty and delicate weaving of fine threads to make a beautiful and intricate pattern.

One you can count on.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS on your anniversary!!! Hope you all had a great time together! So cute about John- I can totally picture that! And Charlotte's little glasses? So trendy!