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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Orange You Glad?

The scariest thing about our day so far is the forecast, but we're working to make it a bit spooky around the house.

This was to be Big Sister's packed lunch until her brothers (wisely) prevailed upon her to enjoy the cafeteria's Halloween lunch. No worries. Baby Sister can picnic on it while we dash around for tonight's final preparations.

Speaking of Baby Sister, she made this little pumpkin project at school. What will people think of next? It is a roll of toilet paper wrapped in fabric, tied with a ribbon leaf and twig stem. We were sure they were going to wrap each other as mummies with the tp. This was much cuter!

Do you recognize the sticks? See. They were sure worth moving again.

I'll include photos of actual children in costumes soon. It is all very exciting around here! Especially our weather (rain! thunderstorms! potential tornadoes!) which has the potential to postpone the festivities until tomorrow. So it might be an evening in front of a spooky movie and fire with hot cider. Happiest Halloween.

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