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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Forecast: Fun! And extra candy.

These three trick or treaters braved stiff winds to visit a corner of our neighborhood that has a long Halloween tradition. The kind that blocks off a street and a party ensues. Costumed cheering children racing house to house in the dark. Made extra spooky with whirling leaves and howling winds. Almost summerlike temperatures kept our jackets at home. It was amazing. Simple, delightful, memorable.

Having not trick or treated in London, the concept is a bit foreign for the girls but they had a ball. Probably most of all Baby Sister who bounced and scurried and jogged most of the evening. I nearly thought those tiny wings worked. She flitted from house to house singing, "Happy Hallowweeeeeen!"

With a dire weather forecast, Biggest Brother spent the evening with friends and most neighborhoods postponed trick or treating so we'll all go out tomorrow! The rain finally began again, the winds have picked up even more and there are all kinds of warnings until early morning. But we had a fantastic night out in our new city. We're home together surrounded by bags of candy. That's pretty sweet.

And lest you think Big Brother was too cool to dress up, he's in fact wearing his very favorite (you noticed?) European football kit -- Spain's. To his great delight, one dad recognized the team tonight and even had him do a full spin on his porch to admire the entire get up! Big Brother briefly debated wearing a Titans uniform, but I'm really happy he stayed true to Spain. At least this year.

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