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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Doesn't Feel Quite Like October

Surf's up, friends! The sun beams have followed us further south. We're enjoying the world's most worthy Fall Break in Florida.

We're taking runs in hot pink flip flops. 

Kayaking on the Gulf, soaking up sun, digging in white sand and reading lots of books. Forgetting uniforms and schedules. Needing it bad. 

Today Big Brother declared that the day was so young that when it was over it would "be a grandma!"
A sunny outlook brought on by even sunnier skies. We're pretending it won't be over soon. Savoring.

Savoring a complete lack of schedule for a few days and pretending that fall isn't on the horizon. Nope. Just sailboats and sea life.

We're now convinced that every October should include a beach trip. Maybe every month should include the beach. Maybe we should just live by the sea. We're pretty comfortable here. But I suspect we'll be back in Nashville before too long and you know our door is always open there. When you come we'll tell you all about the trip. x


  1. Love your pictures, your smile and the beach.

  2. Oh Jen, these are such adorable pics of your beach trip. I'm sure you're all enjoying the time there immensely. The beach is amazing, any time of the year.
    I'm hoping you didn't pass through Atlanta to get there! I'd be crushed not seeing you guys in route.

  3. Lovely pics! As usual! Looks like a very realxing break! I can't wait to hear about it in less than 2 weeks:-)
    Gaelle. xx