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Monday, September 30, 2013

The Best Gift

Apparently we don't hand the kids the camera often enough because I had to go back to our Sicily trip to find this picture of the Mister and me. Actually, the kids manhandle the camera plenty (this is also why we seem to replace digital cameras about every other year...) but those often result in goofy self portraits. In going through pictures, I did find more than a few surprise videos taken by the kids. Those are really priceless. Also good fodder for their senior class slideshows.

Anyhow, last week was our 14th wedding anniversary. We typically celebrate by exchanging clever takes on the traditional gifts for each year (and an Indian dinner). I am usually quite proud of how creative I have been until the Mister manages to trump me with a new spin on paper, bronze, iron or whatever material has come to symbolize the passing year.

I used this year's theme of ivory as a great excuse to poke around antique shops in Nashville. I thought I was pretty smart seeking out old Ivory soaps. My piece de resistance was a vintage Ivory soap crate that would hold little goodies for my lovey.

You can imagine our surprise when we discovered we bought each other the exact same thing. I think we've officially become that little old couple that thinks alike. The poor Mister! It probably stands to reason. We already complete each other's sentences and I'm fairly sure I've told him all my best stories. Twice.

So we have two cute vintage wooden soap boxes in the living room to remind us of 14 years. And I have nearly 365 days to come up with something uniquely crystal!

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