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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Global Design

When we were new to the flat, our relocation agents suggested we not expend too terribly much effort to get our surroundings "done" and rather to strive for just enough and then investigate London. Wise counsel. There is surely a balance when decorating a rental home. There are limits to what you can do to someone else's property, but maybe even more so in temporary quarters, a real need to personalize the place.

To that end, we're nearly done making this our home so we can spend the most of our energies exploring Nashville and enjoying each other. I think the Mister and I are officially speed nesters. We've got this down. 

Sometimes even little (and cheap!) touches can make a room seem like your own. Evidence the before and after of the boys' room. Forgive the unmade bed. Someone was napping there.

Down came the bunting and up went a bundle of inflatable globes and United States and world wall maps.

Aside from being a quick and cheap transformation, the best bit of this was how excited the boys were to see it after school yesterday. Made me feel like I was on top of the world!

Hope you're feeling that way today and always. xo

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