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Monday, September 16, 2013

Good Cheers

Thanks for all the cheers, love and support. We did lots of cheering this weekend. Big Brother really hit his stride with Cross Country which is cause for much celebration. I think I cheered the loudest. Of anyone on the course. I think that because people kept looking at me!  They would have been just as boisterous if they knew how great this was for Big Brother and for us all. And that last week he had a really lousy run that blew his confidence when it was already pretty flimsy. So to see him passing people, smiling, succeeding, happy?! To know we're all mixing and mingling among our new school friends during the meets? Enough to make everyone hoot and holler.

We sported our team colors.

Baby Sister wore hers with her boots. She tries to wear them to bed.

Biggest Brother gets lots of credit for being his buddy's self proclaimed, "Assistant Coach." The title of Head Coach goes to the Mister. Long runs have been great for our guys.

Big Sister had worked the course during Big Brother's race with the Mister last week. So she led the way yesterday ensuring we could cheer for him in 4 different spots. Everyone was doing their part. Cheer. Cheering. Good cheer. Hooray!

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