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Friday, September 27, 2013

Proof of Light

It was surely a sign this morning to open the back door to the prettiest sunbeams ever. Have you ever seen anything like it? Right in your own backyard?! Do you have a backyard? Aren't they fantastic? We forgot how much we like a yard. Or "garden," if you will.

Anyway, we would have stood in awe of this light show longer, but the school bell beckoned. Still, it was a much needed sign from above. I promise you it was even more lovely in person and the beams seemed to multiply and dance. I backed out of the carport to back seat chatter over whether that was "Jesus saying 'hi' to us!"

Whenever we're in church and the sun comes streaming through the windows, I always whisper to the smalls that it is God peeking in to say "hello" and "thanks for coming" (and NOT "I saw you duck in a bit late again" or "Really would have been nice to wear shoes other than Converse lo tops...") so that about 10 sunbeams were shooting through our backyard today MUST be a greeting. We're convinced.

It was something to be sure and not a moment too soon as this has been a bit of a tough week for our new students. They're working very hard at being new and taking baby steps all the time. Tentative and wobbly and deserving of huge praise and loud cheering. Also warmly welcome brightness comes from lots of Virginia friends visiting! Five in nearly as many days. Friends who've known us since before the Mister and I were Mr and Mrs and way before the smalls were small. Making new friends but keeping the old. Always.

So we're fairly sure all this sunny visitation is meant for us.

Either that or God really likes Yukon XLs.

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