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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

And to all a Good Night

Merry and bright here and I hope for you, too!

The Christmas concerts have played their last note, the packages are all wrapped, holiday houseguests are home, stockings are hung and cookies and carrots await Santa. Today's busyness of baking and wrapping and playing games is through. Now all is calm.

It has been a wonderful season of giving and receiving. Even before it all really gets underway. The Mister reminded us tonight that our most treasured gifts are each other and Baby Sister asked that we think of those who "don't have even one toy."

The greatest gift is also the peace to enjoy the time together. I see lots and lots of pajama mornings ahead for this crew that had an absurdly short "summer." They've earned it. We've made some great progress in settling in over the holidays and I've seen a lightness that brings us all. There's a twinkle in our house again!

Adding to that sparkle is the Christmas decor! It is always a treat to find a place for treasures in a new home. I still want to tell you about our decorations and how enchanted we are by the Southern mailboxes, too. I suspect there will be time to do that while little people play with new toys and we can catch up later this week. But meanwhile, here's a snapshot of the gang after Mass this evening.

Merry Christmas. Happy Christmas. And to all a good night.

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