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Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Hanging of the Greens

Maybe it is a Southern thing or something else that changed while we were away. But I wanted you to know that Christmas mailboxes in Nashville are fantastic! If I can't see a red letterbox outside my flat, I'll take a riot of Southern greens on the mailbox at the end of my yard.


I thought two swags were going to be plenty of postbox decor, but when I saw the beribboned magnolia explosions in our neighborhood, I had to join the fun. This is a tradition I'm going to take to every future house.


It may require importing magnolias.

I was beginning to think some people were using their mailboxes to brag about having magnolia trees in their yard. I wasn't above stealing some and threatened to swipe some from my Richmond girlfriend when I visited earlier this month.

Don't be dismayed at my burgeoning photography skills with my new snapper. Most of these were taken from the passenger seat while the Mister was taking us on a museum outing (The Rockwell exhibit at the Frist is a good one if you're in town). Driving while your wife hangs herself and a big camera out the window begging you to stop or justfortheloveofPete slow down should be an item on those pre-wedding compatibility tests.

Truth be told, this mailbox above is fancy even without the Christmas greens. I'm saying that so you'll ignore the shadow created by my Duggar-like vehicle with the Mister driving about 35 mph.

When you see the him next, remind the Mister that some of these were in the shadows. I think I might, too. But I hope you get the gist of it. Mailboxes are really central to great bits of Christmas cheer, right? They're the vessel in which cards and packages arrive with a greater welcome and anticipation than any other time of year. So it makes such sense that they're one of the most festive parts of the house and provide a warm welcome from the street.

The new year will find me seeking out friends based in large part on the greenery growing in their yard. If you have a magnolia or two, I'm hoping we'll be best friends. Or at least let me come over with garden sheers. In the daylight. xo

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