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Monday, June 15, 2015

A Summer's Party

One of my favorite parts of this summer so far has been throwing a big party!  We welcomed summer and about 80 friends in our new home. And served up pitchers of Pimms.

The first weekend after Memorial Day proved to be perfect timing. Most families hadn't left for vacations and with school out, everyone was ready to celebrate. We invited grown ups only (kids another time) and our small people hunkered down for movie and hockey watching in our room. They got a few visits from mom friends and a few teachers, too.

We practice friendship by buckshot. So invitations went out to friends we've known since our earliest days and those we want to get to know better. Folks have been so good to cheer and assist with our renovation and move and we were thrilled for an excuse to open our home to say thanks.

We made great use of the house. Kegs on the sunporch, food and drinks in the pub, and milling around in the kitchen and breakfast room. And we even used the old school desk and Jack Daniels coolers left behind by our previous owners.

Big Brother took these pix as we scurried around with last minute details. When I asked him where the pictures of the food platters were, he reminded me that those were still getting put out as the first guests arrived. Oh right. (Also, endless thanks to girlfriends who jumped right in on that account!) So imagine this set up plus cheese plates, some crab spread and little sannies.  The flowers were daisies, kale and lots of greens. Lemons floated in vases and were dotted around tables. Simple and summery.

The Mister and Biggest Brother strung white lights around the sunporch. We like the look so much we're keeping it.  The favor was a printed Pimms recipe and a lemon tied together. That was a happy turn of events as we kept making pitchers of that yummy drink which inspired lots requests for the recipe.

It was a great night and we're grateful to have new friends. It was a simple and easy gathering. What people want most is a chance to be together. I was so happy to hear that lots of couples made it into a long-awaited date night out and a few groups double and triple dated!  There were funny stories told and the house echoed with celebrating. 

Here's to a wonderful summer and a new tradition. Happy summer days and nights.

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