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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sweets for a Sweet

We celebrated Baby Sister turning six (!) with a donut party last week. Hooray that summertime schedules allowed it to be on Friday morning. That might be my all-time favorite (and weekend preserving) party time.

Like our littlest girl, it was bright and festive. I raided my bunting, party and paper supplies to incorporate all sorts of colors and decor. Even the invites were bits of found paper and cute envelopes from my collection. Note the guests were to bring a dolly!  So sweet, this party.

When the girls arrived they put on personalized aprons. Little white aprons from the craft store doctored up with fabric ribbon tape and a tiny donut. I love a theme. I thought the aprons would just be a cute favor but they did double duty protecting pretty sundresses from our craft project.

We made these adorable fabric donuts and cinnamon buns. Each place was set with the needed supplies (socks, felt and paint) and we worked together (the Mister, the boys and I glueing as needed) to create play treats. 

While the faux sweets dried, the Mister and boys repurposed the door decor/pool float for a game downstairs.

Meanwhile, the dollies were having their own tiny donut party complete with mini bunting (thanks, Gaelle!), tiny donuts, little seats and petite balloons.

And of course, there was cake!  Baby Sister requested a donut cake there were actual donuts, too. You'll be glad to know that to offset all that sweet we also served a light breakfast. With protein.

I'm feeling so guilty now about all that sugar, but cannot resist this shot of the glassware. It was even prettier filled with milk. I sugared the rims of tiny dairy glasses and topped with -- you guessed it -- another donut!

Favor bags were donut erasers,

Notepads to play restaurant at home. And homemade hairband.

The little bags and name tags themselves added to the decor.

It was a lovely morning with our sweet girl and her adorable tiny friends. Happy birthday, Baby Sister!

PS: wasn't that long ago that there were a bunch of mermaids at our house! And months ago we had a great party for Big Sister (even if it involved a cast of licensed characters) that I don't think I ever told you about.  More soon! 


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