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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Stanley's Back!

So much of this summer seems to be on a wonderful repeat. Summer is nostalgic anyway. There are things we do in summer that don't get their due during the school year.

We're way back in love with our LEGOs and building on our tummies, watching movies and a lot of CHiPs episodes, playing outside before and after breakfast, staying up late and sleeping in.

And watching hockey playoffs. We cheered the Blackhawks to their victory and that, too was very sweetly familiar. It doesn't seem like very long ago (and it wasn't) that we first danced to that Chelsea Dagger song. That I was nursing a baby and shushing cheers that might wake her or Big Sister.

It seemed like much longer, tho when I looked through that summer's scrapbook. I realized that the last time a Stanley Cup was in our home Baby Sister was about to turn one, we'd not yet been Londoners, we were pushing a double stroller and absolutely no one was nearing my height. No one requested crepes for breakfast then.

I love looking at that snap of our dining room in La Grange. I adored that house (still do) and even those curtains (they stayed behind). I also miss the drawers to our Marshall Field table that STILL haven't surfaced after this move.

We're so happy for the 'Hawks, happy to celebrate together, and hopeful no one needs a mixing bowl or springform pan in the days ahead!

And when not observing the Blackhawks, we're gleefully enjoying the many deer that are joining us for meals. I'm surely no wildlife photographer, but hope you'll see just how close this this guy was today. I went from spending money on black cabs to 40 pound bags of wildlife feed.


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