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Friday, August 10, 2012

Beach Babies

Just because we live in London doesn't mean we're not on the beach this summer. Do you know there is a beach in Camden?  It is at the Roundhouse, a big performance space in town.

Camden is an urban, artsy, eclectic spot. Amy Winehouse, the guys from Oasis, Charles Dickens, Mary Shelley and many other creative types have called it home. Live music and retro clothes. Where "hot dogs, liquor and vintage sounds until 3 a.m." sounds about right.

So perhaps an unlikely place, or maybe really most likely, for an urban beach to pop up. Throw a little sand down and you can be sure we'll find it. Add a grill and "tiki hut ping pong" and we'll make an afternoon of it.

So when the Roundhouse brought lots of sand to London, we dug it. With buckets and pails. 

And not content to keep our fun to myself, I sent the picture of the boys from yesterday to the Washington Post. 

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