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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ladies Night

The Mister took Biggest Brother and Big Brother off on a boys' weekend (stayed in a pub! went on all sorts of cool hikes! roller coaster rides!).

The girls and I've been in London without our boys and having a grand time of it. But there's been lots of missing of the guys and little girls a bit out of sorts. It is higher pitched here without them. The girls tried to fall asleep in their brothers' top bunk reading Star Wars books last night. It wasn't the same. We had to call them at bedtime so the girls would actually sleep.

But London with the ladies has been great!  We now own two tiny pink scooters and went to the theater. The ladies had a pizza party, a park day, saw Alice in Wonderland, had lunch out and caught a show at Piccadilly Circus! Girls' Weekend was so exciting that Baby Sister slept through Mass late this afternoon. Mouth agape, snoring. She woke up at a one of her favorite restaurants around the corner from church.

Hyde Park is reeling with a big concert in the hours leading up to the Closing Ceremonies so it feels very festive in our flat.

That's nothing compared to the reunion show that will be breakfast with our favorite boys.

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