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Monday, August 6, 2012

Here We Go A Courting

When we weren't caught up in cheering for countless Team GB successes (and Usain Bolt, too!) this weekend, we were touring Hampton Court Palace, wondering why women kept falling for Henry VIII, navigating a maze, learning about Tudor table manners, and enjoying magically quiet train rides to and fro.

We walked where Bradley Wiggins cycled last week and even sat in his throne!

I love this of Big Sister. Our resident princess.

We had no hope of keeping up with our princes in the maze and barely kept track of the girls.

As beautiful as the outing was to Elmbridge, what could possibly top the sights of London we walked through on our way home? We are so, so lucky to live here. I know we will feel a tug on our hearts when we see these landmarks one day from afar. For now, though it is very special to call this our neighborhood.

We could live here forever and still not tire of the front seat on the top of a double decker bus. No better view than crossing Westminster Bridge.

The decorated Wenlocks and Mandevilles (and phone booths, too) that have popped up everywhere might not be quite as iconic as Big Ben, but they're delightful.

Hooray, Team GB! Hooray, London! We've sure caught the London Olympic fever and hope it will continue to grow and linger. Already bracing ourselves for life after the fanfare but trying to soak it all up and pretend it won't end.

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