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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hello, Books! Goodbye Clocks and Calendars

R is for Red Arrows, Reading and Road Race.

It is already a jumble our summer, so this is likely to a jumbly post. An amalgam of neat things I don't want to forget.

The Red Arrows streaked across the sky above our flat on Friday night, ushering in the Opening Ceremonies.

Some of our favorite summer memories include books. There's no better way to lose track of time than to get caught up in a story. And there's no surer sign of being on vacation than to have no concept of the date or time.  That is already the kind of summer we're having. We debate if it is Monday or Tuesday.  Knee deep in books with little idea of the date and having a vague sense that it is approximately afternoon only when the girls begin to droop into naps.  Sayonara, schedules!

Last week found us back at our local library signing up for their summer reading program. Baby Sister got her own card this year!  Big Sister packed a chapter book for our outing yesterday. Of all the places we take the children, there are unlimited journeys they can take with a book in their hands. This is why I cried at Big Sister's last school conference. We are so grateful to her Reception teachers (as well as the teachers who did the same for the boys) for teaching her how to read. And to love it. This is one of my favorite stages with the children - watching them unwrap the written world.

I have lots of dreams for "my shop" and would love to be able to join it with my other passions for children's literature and breastfeeding. Ideas for how to do that are always rumbling around my mind. Through my shop or otherwise, I'd love to help send new families home from the hospital armed with confidence (clear information) about nursing and a book for baby.

Anyway. Back to our summer fun.

One cool, wet day we drew "scavenger hunt" for our day's adventure and what fun that was!  I issued the kids a few lists of things to hunt for in the flat ("something fuzzy," something with your name on it," "something from nature," etc., etc.), shopping bags and off they went.  They were very clever in their finds. For an alphabet hunt, Big Brother managed to make one find work for 5 clues!

Sunday found us cheering the end of the Women's Cycle Road Race. It was a thrill to be just a walk through the park to see an exciting finish, even if we did get a little damp in process. 

Reading, Rainbows, Racing. Running through the park with the red, white and blue. A summer to remember.

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