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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hi Ho, Hi Ho!

It's back to school they go. Some more chipper than others and all chilly. The car doors were frozen shut!

Lucky Baby Sister, today's her "normaler" (her term) day off. It will surely be too quiet around here without these guys today. But they've left plenty of reminders behind. Trying to make order out of chaos should keep Baby Sister and me busy for a while. And there is still one last pile of Christmas things to put away.

A good day to shelter in place and play catch up.

Big Sister gets a gold star today! I feared we would say goodbye all too soon to her vacation persona (loose and silly, carefree and confident -- you can even see it in her body language - maybe you can see it in her funny glasses) when I went to wake her for school (all of us not so secretly hoping for at least a delay...) but she rallied and went out the door like a bright penny.

Whew. Turning the page. Starting fresh and excited about what it next!

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