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Friday, January 17, 2014

Secret Agent Girl

Baby Sister gave me strict instructions to not tinker with this outfit she'd carefully laid out before going to school. She says it is her Secret Agent uniform.

I confess to being inspired. If not a bit jealous of her afternoon plans. I've got to up my game. I don't have any secret things going on that would require a tie dye and short shorts. But the day is still young.

She is SUCH a character, that one. She had the entire car singing "We all live in a pink summerene. A pink summerene...!" on the school run. Purple ski-coated arms sweeping in direction. She would change the vehicle color on a whim ("a BLUE summerene") and delighted in her siblings following along.

But Baby Sister doesn't have a lock on whimsy. I'll show you more about it this weekend, but meanwhile, check out my fantastic new wall decor. No animals were harmed in the decoration of my hallway.

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