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Monday, January 27, 2014

Sunshine Day

Everybody's smiling. (Are you singing that Brady Bunch tune now!? I hope so.)

I hear the Windy City is closed. Unsafe wind chills like we cannot imagine. But oh, the bragging rights they're earning! I have to admit a little jealousy.

People who told us we would be fine in Nashville with a few fleeces didn't see this winter coming. If even the sunny south has to endure days of single digits, at least we could get snowed in blizzard-style. But as it is, I can barely convince half of the smalls to drag a coat along as they dash the few feet from car to school door. They know they won't get outside this week. Indoor recess again!

There's one serious hold out on a coat. He wears a sweatshirt ("BUT it has a hood and it's lined with fuzzy stuff!") which will apparently keep frostbite at bay. Wasn't Captain Scott wearing a lined hoody  on his expedition? Harrumph. You know where that got him, right?

For anyone who thinks boys don't care about their clothes should try to find a few minutes alone in front of the mirror at my house. It is crowded there, what with two girls dancing, Baby Sister admiring how she managed to get both chocolate and magic markers on her face and the boys doing Who Knows What. Reflecting apparently.

But the frigid thaw broke for about 24 hours yesterday. We kept Baby Sister dressed. But just barely. She was at the park in a tank top, short shorts and her bare pigs. Because it was in the mid-50s. I shudder to think how she'd dress if we move somewhere hot. She arrived at the dinner table in a bikini and high heels. Her fashion sense is a little "Love Boat" to be honest.

The bracelet is a nice touch. And about those makers - what's so magic about them? Maybe that they work in subzero cold. If that's the case, we're all pretty well magic lately.

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