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Friday, January 31, 2014

Me and My Shadow

Tops among the things Baby Sister said to me yesterday:

Q: Is this okay to wear out to lunch?
A: Flannel pajamas and ballet slippers? Absolutely. I wish I had the entire combo in my size. Our lunch date is going to think you look perfectly toasty and delicious.

Q: Will you still be my mom when I'm a teenager?
A: Of course.
Q: [MOVING CLOSE ENOUGH TO COUNT MY PORES] What will you look like then?
A: Heaven only knows, Lovey.

Q: [Actually this was a statement, but this is a good pattern so I'm sticking with it] I really like the days when it is just the two of us.
A: Me, too. [Glancing at tomorrow's calendar entry which says "Baby Sister's Kindergarten readiness conference"- EEGADS.] Me, too little dolly.


  1. How great for you to have these moments just the two of you! She is so adorable! And so funny;-)

  2. If only it was still ok to wear cosy flannel pj's out to lunch when we're past child size!