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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

That's So DEER!

Have you noticed animal heads just about everywhere lately (see also: shelter* magazines and blogs) or is it just my having moved to the American South where prey hangs about as wall decor?

As we're way more gatherers than hunters, taxidermy isn't terribly likely to appear on our walls. Not to mention that the kids are seriously spooked by a few of our larger stuffed animals. And, not judging if you've got a 6 point buck or two adhered to a pillar or post, but didn't you see "Bambi"?

But much like my bust (!) I still sort of wanted something like a deer head without the commitment.

This is not the Mister's (or my own Big Brother's) favorite of my design ideas, so it may not be a permanent fixture during our residency. Perhaps you can replicate it at your home so it will live on there.

You should know that my favorite antique shop has two enormous animal heads on display. One is a moose and The Mister would have to tell you the provenance of the other. I'm no zoologist, but it has large horns, a huge face and sort of a snout. Like the bull when Bugs Bunny was a matador. The Mister says you'd have to have a huge room for them to be yours. Almost as if you were bringing them home alive to traipse among LEGOs and furniture. And kids. That big. (Very "Mom always said, 'don't play ball in the house.'") That's surely not the only thing keeping us from pulling the trigger on either of those purchases. But a girl can dream about draping them with seasonal somethings or other. A giant moose in a lei? Draped in vintage Christmas ornaments? School scarf? A jaunty hat?

There's always our next house.

But meanwhile, here's how you can ensure no animals are harmed while providing whimsical walls. In a few easy steps.

Step 1. Purchase Foam Reindeer at 75% off Christmas sale. Are you doing the math? I'm not, but I can assure you it was a steal!

Step 2. Construct reindeer. It is cute already, right?!

Step 3. Spray paint the whole shebang white except the faux wood (faux bois, for you fancy pants). Oh, and see that giant fishbowl I used to hold it in place? I bought that on the Marylebone High Street with Big Sister one New Year's Eve and promptly broke it shortly after this shot. Argh.

Step 4. Hang in previously boring hallway. Step back and giggle. Await arrival of rest of family.

*Doesn't the term "shelter magazines" seem more than a bit silly in hugely understating the concept? Shelter? Shelter is a hut, not a glossy publication of wallpaper ads, absurdly expensive sofas and Viking stoves.  A bit like calling foodie blogs "sustenance" manuals. I digress.



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  1. I love it Jennifer! I can imagine how excited you were to show everyone:-)