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Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Bit Busty

I've been in the market for a bust. And a few vintage trophies and a faux mounted animal head. All seem perfect for fall decor but I think some may go on my Christmas list. Meanwhile, I suggest if you're also looking for a bust, by all means don't Google it. Or put that search into ebay. Definitely not preceded by any sort of size preference. ha.

In fact, I'll save you lots of trouble, online searching and antiquing. I'd found a few busts that were very close to what I wanted but not quite right or too pricey.  So here's my shortcut.

Rescue one from Ross on the cheap. Yes indeedy. Disregard the poor color and finish and material of heavy plastic. Are your guests going to pick her up and discover her lack of heft? No. But you are, so next carry her to your car like an infant - her head facing over your shoulder for passersby to coo at her. Resist patting her on the back at the same time.

Spray paint her on the deck with leftovers from Big Brother's last school project. Paint while the Mister is away to avoid discussion of not painting someone else's home. We had glossy white paint and it looks pretty. Extra credit that I don't think any got on the deck.

The most time consuming part of this step is reading the articles you didn't get to in this weekend's paper. Just like afternoons after high school making our class homecoming float. As we started shredding newspaper to stuff into chicken wire, we'd come across funny articles that we'd to stop to read to each other.

I digress, but you're done! Give her a jaunty pilgrim's hat or Indian headdress and let the festivities begin. 

The kids are worried that the pig is getting replaced. That I'll find funny ways to dress my new bust (Oh, the traffic I'm sure to bring to the site now!) for various holidays in the same ways I've done with the pig. Not to worry. There's plenty of whimsy to go around. But we may need a few more hats.

PS: I've since found a version of my $24.99 Ross Dress for Less steal for $2500 on the web and also discovered that she is Diana, Roman goddess of childbirth and women. That's all very nice and close to my heart (both bargains and babies!). My favorite tidbit, though is learning she was "associated with wild animals...and possessed the power to talk to and control animals." Teach me, my goddess!

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