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Friday, November 8, 2013

Walking in Memphis

Well, not really. We took a great hike with Big Brother's class at a church camp here in Nashville.

And really, it still feels somewhat surreal enough that we're here and not in London (or LaGrange for that matter), that we might as well be in Memphis, I suppose. 

I am getting fantastic dispatches from across the Atlantic about beautiful Christmas decorations twinkling on Oxford Street. 

But in Music City we're still thinking hay bales and pumpkins. The leaves have finally turned and it was sure worth the wait.

The hike gave us a chance to meet new school friends and parents and chat longer than we would just doing the school run. In a beautiful and peaceful setting.

I just mailed invitations to a Thanksgiving coffee. Not unlike two years ago in London, I had to do some sleuthing to recall names of Nashville moms I want to get to know better. 

The coffee will be further insurance that little things around the house we've put off will get done. Isn't that always the way with company? It will mostly be a small way to say thanks.

Making new friends and keeping the old again. Collecting an armload of sticks when naptime beckoned.

Remembering this time last year when we explored Tuscany. And shuffled through red paper poppies that carpeted the Marylebone High Street. 

Seems both out the ordinary and perfectly natural that this year we're crunching dry leaves underfoot. Planning to jump into leaf piles this weekend, too!

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