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Monday, November 4, 2013

Funny Girl

Here's Baby Sister in one of my mother's coolest tops circa 1964. It has hung in my closet and moved about 8 times without my finding the right occasion to wear it. Perhaps overdressed for an afternoon of coloring, but she wears it well.

She is a complete hoot these days. She's always been entertaining, but lately her bon mots have us in stitches. Hardly a day goes by without a really fantastic outburst or two. Mostly non sequiturs.  To include:

- "Can I have an apple? What am I wearing? (while sporting my kindergarten Valentine's ballet costume) Are we going to a bear party now?" [Said in rapid-fire bursts to her dumbstruck mother who eventually managed to tell her yes, she could have an apple.]

- "Momma, do I have whiskers?  Like a cat?"

- "Did you know a unicorn is made with a horse?"

- "I had a dream last night. About 2 eyeballs sitting on a bench."

What can I say to that all, really? That I hope we never get beyond this stage. There's something so wildly creative about being 4 that ought to be harnessed. It is also really funny.

And what really would a bear party entail?

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