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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch

One of the best parts of our new life in Nashville is Baby Sister's school schedule. If we'd stayed in London she would be in Reception (akin to American full day kindergarten but for four year olds) where I'm sure she would have been super. But here she's just old enough to be in pre-kindergarten and goes to school three days a week.

It seems to suit her perfectly and assures that all four children will have an entirely different early experience with school. When in Rome, I tell ya. Or Virginia, Illinois or the UK.

Best of all, twice a week Baby Sister and I have the whole day to pal around. Some days we research how people lived years ago. I feel strongly that kids should learn about push button telephones, typewriters and metal lunch boxes. But it's not all antiquing and lunching, you should know.
In fact, sometimes we hit fantastic shops that trade in new wares. There's a Nashville High Street of sorts nearby with some of my very favorite all-American shops (Paper Source, Kayce Hughes, Vineyard Vines, Binks, Vera Bradley, etc.). Linking for my European girlfriends who will love these! They'll also agree that it is important that I reintroduce Baby Sister to her native culture.

One of the best compliments my French girlfriend gave me while we browsed that street last week was that the stores' styles reminded her of me!  I think Baby Sister has adopted an American look pretty quickly.

It sure is nice getting her back a bit this year. Found time with super company. Even if I spend some of the day coveting her outfit.

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