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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bench Cushion That Kismet Made

This is the best project I never planned! A no sew custom bench cushion for about $12 and 15 minutes!

No kidding - the most time consuming part of this endeavor was finding where the Mister keeps the iron. This isn't our forever house (or even our house) so I didn't want to spend much. But this little spot needed a cushion. Throw pillows still left it looking bare.

So there I was at Walmart scouting supplies for Biggest Brother's monk costume. I tossed two body pillows in my cart thinking maybe I could cover them (for the benches, not Padre Pio). As I could barely see over them to forge ahead, I figured they were too fluffy to be seats. But in the same department, a $24 full size foam mattress topper? Maybe so. 

Would you believe that the spare fabric I had for this little project was an old full size duvet? I think it was my own Biggest Brother's. I didn't realize until I started measuring and snipping, but of course, the mattress pad fit perfectly inside the duvet. Kismet!

My pig kept close tabs on the proceedings.

Hot glue is also how I sealed the monk's costume. I had every intention of finally firing up my sewing machine yesterday, but glueing was even easier.

Pull tight and staple closed like an envelope.

Pop into place!

The foam remnants aren't enough for a similar bench upstairs, but with a little more luck, they just may be enough to cover the dining room chairs. By the coffee next week. Eegads! And good news on that front, too - people are actually coming!

I love when a plan comes together. Even when I don't plan it.

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