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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Always Prepared

I know Baby Sister is over-represented of late and I promise to update on the other people soon. But meanwhile, she is perpetually doing (and often wearing) something I want to make note of for a future slide show. Or letters to her at camp and college. I feel it is my duty as her mother to document, catalog and bust out laughing at her sassy ways.

She wore this the other day to build a fort in the backyard with her siblings. A SWAT helmet, princess gown and cowboy boots. Sure. This is how your contractor dresses, right?

The fort building was one of those all hands on deck projects that was best left to small hands. I helped source supplies when asked but otherwise let them to it. Best I could tell though, "making a fort" primarily involved excited gathering of lots and lots of things from inside the house and storage room and yard (blankets! string! tarps! flashlights! sticks! cones! and because they're my children, snacks!).

Initially, Baby Sister went out in an old red tutu of mine (circa 1975) and cowboy boots. (Sorry I didn't get that shot.) There seemed to be lots of animated negotiation regarding fort location and structural design. At some point there may have been two teams of forts being built. Lots of the team meetings were apparently held on the tailgate of my SUV over snacks.

I often wonder which of their current interests and activities (not to mention personality traits) they'll carry with them for a lifetime. So if years from now Baby Sister has a career in architecture, remind me to send her this on her first day of work. Also snacks.

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