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Monday, February 17, 2014

Be Mine. Still. Again. Last One!

Happy Presidents' Day! We awoke to a treasure trove of American flags and stacks of our favorite President's biographies, sticker and picture books on the breakfast table. I love a theme! We're still on our Winter Break which is sure cause for celebration. So it is plenty festive here and I can't start the week without wrapping up all the Valentine's fun. 

We spread out the work for the class cards over a few days. This was a homework assignment we could all love. Sweetly simple. Construction paper, stickers and candy. 

Baby Sister wasn't suspended from the ceiling during her efforts. I just cannot get that picture to go right side up. She worked so diligently printing her love notes. The boys' cards were just as dear.

Not content to send away all our well wishes, we hung some around the house.

The breakfast table always gets in on the act.

I want to frame this envelope from Baby Sister. Such a keeper.

The pig of course, hopped right up on the table to read one of his favorites in front of the camera. He's such a ham.

Happy everything from here.

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