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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

High Top Highlights

Big Brother's basketball season just ended and I don't think I've chatted about it yet. It was fantastic and he was incredible! Like Cross Country, this was a new sport for him. He worked so hard and had a ball.

He apparently was also taking flying lessons because most of the season's pix show him off the ground. Check out the air under Number 5!

I always enjoy watching the kids from a distance. Is it just me or did you also love well baby visits just to observe the inspections from across the room? There's something about that perspective when you're usually rightupclosealldaylong.

And even from across the gym, we all felt the euphoria seeing the bench cheer for their first (hard fought and overdue) victory. That's Big Brother raising his Gatorade water bottle in triumph. Gatorade water bottles being as on trend as anything Under Armour at my house. We're back, America and we're buying all yer stuff!

It seems perpetually right that the whole family gather around to support for our Number Two guy. In the spring we're likely to have 2 or 3 athletes (here we go, sports schedules!) so it was perfectly sweet for Big Brother to have us rooting just for him en masse again.

We had such fun cheering for Big Brother and his really nice team. And there was extra time for bleacher bonding, too. The kids would want you to know that most schools had great snack bars. Ours even served sausage biscuits. Fun for all.

That's Biggest Brother and Big Sister caught holding hands.

Time for playing and coloring on the bleachers. You'll note Big Sister has adopted a sporty look like Big Brother. Buddies!

Sometimes (actually many Saturdays) we left too early to get hair brushed. Eeegads. This one is crying out for her favorite hair brusher. You know who you are. It surely isn't me. Do you think dreadlocks would go with Big Sister's Peter Pan collared school uniform? We might be going that way. Or a little bob.

We're so proud of Big Brother and loved a weekly reason to celebrate him. I'm tickled he wants to play again and that I have twelve months to master the rules.

Congrats to our sport! Number 2 in the family, Number 5 on the court and Number 1 in our hearts!

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