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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Best of Our Days

They are best friends.  And always open to new ones wherever we land, too.  And good to their sissies. They invited Big Sister to a slumber party in their room last night.  She took the top bunk while they were in the bottom one.  That must be the best.

Inspired by another's lovely blog, for new year's we started a little daily practice of telling each other the "best of our days."  I have a calendar for just that and bought the kids' their own calendars with the hope of writing it down each day. But that quickly became another "to do" and I wanted everyone to look forward to talking about the best each day.  So some days we talk it over on our walk home, at dinner, or during bedtime prayers.  It is very revealing what can make it to the be considered the best.  A wonderful exercise making yourself think of all the good that has happened in one day (and to set aside the day's frustrations, slights and disappointments) and choose one special enough to be considered The very Best of the Day.

One day last week Big Sister reported that the best of her day was the new boy in class receiving a Head Teacher's Award.  How lovely that her day's best feeling was seeing someone else succeed.  I think she feels a special kinship for him as she is no longer the newest in her class.

Last night Big Brother said the best of his day was receiving a game he ordered with Christmas money. Always judicious with funds, he got it second hand on ebay and was tickled when it arrived days earlier than expected.  Equally sweet as he his frugal, he also mentioned everyone who made his game and helped it along the way in the post in his special prayers.

I think the best of Biggest Brother's day might very well be his success in easing Baby Sister out of her morning grumps with his charming and loving ways. She rewarded him later by asking to hold his hand on the way to school.

Riding the bus this morning with them all high fiving each other for a stress-free and on time departure, I was tempted to announce that the best of my day might already be charted at 8:15!  Arriving at school I watched them all hug and kiss each other farewell - especially the 3 who will be tripping over each other at school all day today.  Then my newly European boys kissed me goodbye. On both of my cheeks.  (How funny is that?! Who kisses them that way that they've already picked that up?)  And later as my arms were loaded from errands and Baby Sister wanted to join the packages in my arms to be carried home, she assured me I could hold it all and gleefully announced, "Momma!  You are Superman!" Could that be better than her telling me the other day that I was "yummy?"

Would Baby Sister consider it the best that Big Sister lent her a ballerina costume for their daily dressing up yesterday?  How about getting to wear it to bed, too?  Sometimes it is a hoot to see what Baby Sister wears to breakfast. One day last week it was just slippers.

It is good this cataloging of good things.  It is the best.

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