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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dear Transport For London

Transport for London Lost Property Search Request
Item Lost:  LL Bean lunchbox.
Description: black, vinyl, rectangular, zipper pocket on front. Filled with yummy lunch, heart shaped sandwich and love note. Thanks for looking while I make another one!

I should have known something was amiss when we were out the door and chatting in plenty of time.  I'd even managed to give Big Sister and her goldilocks and shampoo and blow dry.  Some days I think I'm less stay at home mother and more sherpa. Since we've stopped using our buggy for the school run, we're often loaded down like mules with rucksacks, PE kits, lunches, water bottles and various warm weather gear. Baby Sister carries fists full of dolls and random toys.  She is still irked that I won't let her push her shopping trolley to the school gate. I cannot imagine time standing still could move slower.  We might have to leave now to make it for Thursday. Afternoon pickup.

Well. We are all carrying things except Big Sister.  She doesn't carry anything but she gets out the door in a uniform for a long school day so I try not to comment. Very often. Today, though, I noticed she could hoist an entire Barbie for "Treasure Tuesday" (sadly she didn't pack the Lilly Pulitzer one).

I know what you're thinking.  Barbie - not such a high brow sharing item, but Big Sister is happy at school. She went from 2 morning per week preschool, then my homeschooling, to all day school all in a year. So if she wanted to bring in a piece of toast I'd tell her it was the best toast ever and that her friends were going to go crazy for it.  Last night asked me to make a "Momma on a Stick" which is a photo of me affixed to a popsicle (lolly if you will) stick.  That's derivative of Big Brother once asking to bring in very Baby Sister to share in class. I thought that might be disruptive, so instead I made him a nearly life-sized "Baby Sister on a Stick" to take instead.  Big Brother is the same little guy who asked if he could bring Biggest Brother for show and tell.  Their very nice teachers coordinated and in a celebrity appearance, Biggest (Third Grade) Brother visited Big Brother and his First Grade friends at the appointed time.  Fun was had by all.  But the Momma on a Stick got nixed at the last moment for Barbie.  I get it.

The lunch isn't the first we've left something on a bussie and surely won't be the last.  Just last week we left a big white (you know the type) paper handle bag of chocolate chip cookies. Loyal readers, you know that look some effort to compile that here. The chocolate chip cookies and my signature white handle bag, too. The cookies were for the school talent show (where beer and wine were also served!). Fortunately, it was one of our favorite drivers that day and he happily let me dash back on where a kind man handed me the gift bag with huge gold star and "TALENT SHOW!" adorning.  It happens.

So today I was carrying Big Sister's things and Baby Sister sometimes, too.  The boys had their rucksacks and PE kits, hats and gloves, but must have left a lunchbox on the bus.  S'alright!  No worries.  I can't fuss at Big Brother about it. He's been so cheerfully ready and organized in the mornings. They've all been great students of becoming urban.

And I walked out the door without my keys.

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