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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dear Sunday Times Magazine

Sent to the magazine's "What Are You Wearing?" Column:

The youngest of 4 children, Baby Sister has lots of "vintage" finds to choose from, to include treasures her parents once wore.  She favors an eclectic mix of her big brothers' black Converse hi tops with her big sister's fairy wings and always manages to pull it all together with a grosgrain ribbon bow in her hair and her own special panache.  On this rainy day en route to the school gate to pick up the big kids, Baby Sister paired a cable knit jumper and old flannel pants with tiny black wellington boots - as usual, worn on the wrong feet. (She is the 5th owner of these boots, purchased at Walmart circa 2001). Crowning the look is her sister's pink tutu and a vintage raincoat. With bacon and eggs printed all over.

An American living abroad, she embraces the London style - mixing the High Street and Oxford Street, Portobello Road, charity shops and giveaways.  Just follow a crumbled trail of crackers and Cheerios and you're sure to be walking in the path of style and fun.


  1. Hooray!!!!! from the purchasing family of the tiny Canadian wellies!!! You can't get them any more - at least not from Canada - at least not at Walmart - but we love love loved them and they made me oh-so-happy when I saw them in this photo. ALMOST as happy as that gorgeous smile on Kitty's face - but not quite!!

  2. I know those boots and that bacon and eggs raincoat! I remember almost a year ago when I watched the kids, Kitty loved to pick out her own clothes, as did her Big Sister. Miss you all!