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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What is Really the Best

As you know, I love to get mail.  Packages are even better.  So it was a really big treat to come home to a large box waiting outside our door today.  Would you believe it was filled with a huge bouquet of white tulips?  There are too many to count.  Enclosed was a sweet note from my lovey who is on travel this week stateside where it is warm and sunny.  In addition spending some time at Target completing our wish list, he is apparently finding time to do all sorts of important and good work.  And missing the smalls and me.  And finding time to send me love and cheer.  Did he remember my saying that bunches of tulips would look great in my new bowl?  I know I didn't tell him that I had dozens in my hand the other day at Waitrose and put them all back when I thought through that I couldn't possibly carry them and groceries, too.

As usual, while the Mister is away I have been keeping all sorts of immature hours.  I am just one long business trip away from needing a nutritionist and admission to sleep study clinic.  Did you read that recent Washington Post article about mothers who garden and string Christmas lights in the middle of the night?  I want to befriend them all.  Leaving a meeting late one night a few years ago, a new friend confessed she was headed home to paint her bathroom while her husband was away.  I knew then we'd become dear friends.  My kind of girl.

We miss the Mister terribly and are looking forward to welcoming him home.  So, today's best is dozens of white tulips filling the huge bowl Big Sister and I discovered at a New Year's Eve display sale.  The best part about the lovely bouquet is that they remind me of my best friend.  If you know him I know you're nodding in agreement.  Not at all in this order, he is handsome, silly, smart, loving, faithful to God and kind.  He is a great drummer, a wonderful father, a geographic savant.  He has a keen sense of style and amazing hair.  That is going beautifully salt and pepper.  And he is ours.   HE is the best.

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