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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Go Pie, GO!

I knew I would love the movie "National Velvet" when I discovered two of the main characters are named Pie and Velvet.  Spectacular already, right?! I suppose it is too late to give start calling Big Sister "Velvet." Maybe someone out there will pick up that glorious name.  Go on without me.  I've already given one of mine a cute nickname. Two would be too much. And Big Sister is already called Ladybug around the house.  (Which translates to Ladybird, you should know.)

Even better than those darling names is the actual film.  We watched this lovely 1940s classic starring Elizabeth Taylor and Mickey Rooney (and a horse named The Pie) for Family Night.  Do you know about Family Night? Two years ago, on a summer Sunday evening when we were visiting my parents, we rented a movie.  My mother made us snacks and popcorn. It was such fun that we decided to make it a Sunday night tradition.  Even if we've spent the entire previous 48 hours together, we set aside some time for "Family Night." Sometimes it is very simple, like few games of charades or seemingly endless hands of Uno (and look out for Big Sister. She's ruthless at Uno). Other nights is it gooey science projects or a movie. 

"National Velvet" is dated in charming ways, and is without a doubt from another time.  When Velvet (11 year old Elizabeth Taylor) takes a trip without her parents (and to the Mister's dismay, with a young man!) Biggest Brother said, "You'd NEVER let me do that." And although it is set in England, few actors even attempt accents.  Many scenes look like a filmed play.  All of that only adds to the sweetness.

Sweeter still was enjoying it together.  On this night we got into pajamas, pulled out the couch, ate British candy (!) and popcorn. It was glorious, my warm, pj clad smalls cuddling while being transported to another era!  It is a lovely story that stands the test of time.  In fact, there is a very progressive theme about women and girls, which must have been groundbreaking in 40s. In many ways it is very current or maybe better, timeless, in its appeal. We snuggled, positively enchanted for 2 hours and cheered for the thrilling ending (which usually annoys me to no end - especially in the theater - but this was entirely deserved).

Based on a book, the story and dialogue are so well written and there are countless good quotes.  The kind that you would dog ear pages over in a book. And underline.  I do that in all of my favorite books and most book club reads, too thinking that one day it will give the children insight into my thoughts as a young mother.  The Mister is less convinced they'll one day flip the pages of my books lovingly, looking for my messy writing in the margins.

Maybe though for insight and sharing, they'll come talk to me long passed bedtime just as Velvet does. When Velvet appears at her parents' bedroom door in her pajamas, her mother is at her vanity in her nightgown, fixing her hair.  Velvet's mother says, "A dozen times you might have talked to me today but you waited until now.  It is because large dreams come easier when it is dark and still?"

So much to love.  Go, Pie!

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