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Sunday, February 26, 2012

It Was Just Here a Minute Ago

Yesterday's post reminded me of an email I sent to friends when Big Sister was a toddler and we lived in a townhouse in Virginia. Years later, this list still cracks me up.

So, from the Hotmail Files circa 2008:

With the weather improving, we've had our back (kitchen) French doors open to the deck as often as possible.  That allows us to use the deck as another room and the children enjoy playing there while I'm in the kitchen.  Up until this evening, I felt confident that I had a close eye on everyone - particularly (now Big Sister) - as I can see them through the open doors and window and we're constantly talking to each other.  We've all noted Big Sister's affinity for being on the deck and she "asks" to go out often - her first patrol begins just after breakfast.
However, I discovered today that over the last few wks, she has not just been out there patrolling around as we once thought, but rather been busying herself tossing an odd variety of things off the deck.  It explains A LOT of what we were missing lately.  Needless to say, our backyard (it was all just under the deck and not visible unless you really leaned over) looked like a junkyard AND she'll have be watched much closer!  (scroll down - it's a LONG list):
- water bottle
- 2 sippy cups (filled)
- refrigerator magnet
- 2 battery operated bubble wands
- golf ball
- toy airplane
- playdo container
- 2 plastic easter eggs
- ninkie
- dr's office reminder card 
- outlet cover
- toy helicopter
- paper towel
- jingle bell I keep in our hutch
- numerous recipes
- cookbook
- embroidery machine sewing guide
- dress up hard hat
- ruler
- play wrench
- gift bag
- toy saw
- page from book to be repaired
- safety scissors
- 3 monkeys from the barrel
- page of stickers
- top from a yogurt container
- bottle of glue
- Biggest Brother's play beeper
- trade show lanyard
- Christmas decoration made in preschool

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