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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It Is Good to be Baby Sister

It is great to be her chaperone throughout her London adventures, too.  All too soon she'll join the big kids at school, so this week I am extra tickled to be part of the nice things she has going on.  She eats lots of pain au chocolat at charming cafes all over London. Biggest Brother didn't luck out in that way.

Yesterday, after the school run and a coffee with the Mister, we hurried to a friend's high street flat in St John's Wood where we had a perfect view of the Royal Horse Artillery's horses, beautifully uniformed riders, and touching musical tribute. The horses were leaving their barracks for the last time for a new location.  That we don't go a day without seeing horses and riders is a delightful surprise in our city life. 

Some days (Friday afternoon in particular. So sorry, neighbors!) Baby Sister noisily protests having to go out again. It must seem to her that she's forever having to go to and fro.  School drop offs and pick ups, clubs, classes. Sometimes when she's trying to nap. An endless cycle made more troublesome with my stuffing her in winter gear. Admittedly not always a treat.  This is why I held Big Brother Day circa 2007. Baby Sister is due her day when, so accustomed to shuttling around for her siblings, she gets to choose every. single. thing. we do for the day. 

This wasn't necessary for Biggest Brother.  I'd no sooner have woken Baby Jesus from a nap than disturb that Little Prince. I'm holding out hope, though that these little differences will continue to make them all who they are. So far they're turning out pretty super. We're fond of them. Maybe a bit sassy (Insert shrill protest from Big Sister, "I'm NOT Sassy Molassey!"), but none lacking in personality. It's kind of like I say about the Mister. He's not perfect (look who's talking here!). He's perfect for me.  Same with the smalls.  Fingers crossed they think the same about me.

Baby Sister is due her own day to be sure. Meanwhile, though, she is rewarded in other ways. Her siblings send up a huge cheer when she picks them up from school. Last week when she was home with a babysitter while we went to meetings and clubs, they missed her terribly and raced each other down the street to get into the flat shouting her name!  

Not just because it is efficient, but also as a tiny thanks to her, Baby Sister is allowed to wear most anything to the school gates. Yesterday it was one of Big Sister's dress up gowns with mismatched boots under her winter coat. Today it was a tutu with silver shoes (and against her (strong!) will, tights). Snow is mostly gone but it was chilly. And today with a lot of little inside projects, she is watching "Mary Pottins." Here's hoping she doesn't pick up on those accents.  

Baby Sister likes to entertain a sweet porter we see in our daily walk with a little song and dance.  He looks just like all my Irish uncles. She calls him "my man" and gets so excited to see him, her tiny arm waving all over. He is another of her neighbors. Another person who finds her a delight. She told one of the moms at school yesterday, "Cheers!" 

Indeed.  Cheers, Baby Sister.  It is good to be you. Even better to be your Momma.

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  1. Love the memories she will have and how loved she is by all the others!