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Thursday, February 16, 2012

City Living and Top Down Days. Two of My Favorites

Living in the city is just like driving a convertible.

You're out in the elements a lot. You are keenly aware of the weather. All throughout the day.  Even when you're not out in it, you know you will be soon and whether it is clear or drippy or a bit chilly, it matters. You have to plan accordingly.

You wonder why everyone doesn't want to do it.

When you catch your reflection passing a window, you think something along the lines of "I am cool." But then you arrive at your destination and realize just how rumpled and weather battered you really are. You see the toll taken on your appearance, but are having such fun that you don't really mind.

You will find new and varied uses for scarves.

And just like driving a convertible, city living is addictive.

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