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Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Shower of Pink

What could be sweeter than getting a big box of beautifully wrapped pink presents in the mail?  I know.  Making friends with another American new to living in the UK!

I love reading Monograms and Manicures and not just because I covet Hopsy's wardrobe. Her blog is filled with a wide range of stylish ideas and a window into her lovely life. I linked to her Christmas DIY post with my feather wreath, and jumped at the chance to participate in her annual "Pink Swap." The idea is to shop for another blogger for little pink treats and zip them in the mail to her. Reminds me of how much I always liked Drill Team and sorority secret pals. I give much credit to our hostess for encouraging others to give and seek out new friendships. My great fortune was that Hopsy was looking for a blogger to swap with someone else new to life in the UK!

Hooray on all accounts. What an absolute delight to have an excuse to shop for and wrap little pink surprises. My assignment was made even nicer because my new friend has so much cause for celebration. Law School Graduation! Getting Married! Moving Abroad! I thought of her package as a few showers and a housewarming present tied with a big pink bow. Truth be told, I tied hers with a navy bow, but doesn't navy look so nice with pink?!

The best part of the swap has been "meeting" Beantown Prepster. And she treated me to so many beautiful gifts! You can be sure that I had four eager helpers in the unwrapping who also joined me in squealing with excitement. The boys were intrigued by the secret pal-ish part of it and the girls were hooked from the word "pink." Pretty ribbons, sparkles, and pink paper everywhere. I love it all! I love the "just because" feeling of it. Treating someone and being treated in kind! That it is with a new friend is very dear, too.

a beautiful floral mug for big lattes and lots of tea

 Whittard Strawberry and Clotted Cream Biscuits
You know my devotion to clotted cream.

Pretty and Pink (really, that's the name!) goodies for a decadent bath time

Whittard Sweetheart Tea with Heart Diffuser

An early Valentine's Day!  Monday I'm hosting an American playgroup for a little Valentine's celebration. I'll be serving the delicious biscuits and tea, thinking pink and telling them all about sweet Beantown Prepster's kindness!  Thanks, ladies for including me in all the fun. Looking forward to doing it again soon and often!


  1. Oh I just LOVE Cath Kidston - give gifts of her stuff ALL the time. What a fun idea all the way around!

  2. What a delightful box of treats you got and I know yours was equally as lovely and PINK!