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Monday, May 28, 2012

Guid cheerio the nou, Scotland!

It is almost time for our next school break (hip hip) and birthday celebration (hooray!) and I wanted to show you how much we enjoyed the trip to Scotland when we celebrated Biggest Brother turning 10.

We took a train and enjoyed lovely sights along the way.

We rented a car (always a treat!) in Edinburgh and drove out to the East Lothian Coast where we stayed in an old farmhouse with views of the water. This was our first time since moving to London to stay in something other than hotel rooms or flats. I got teary hearing the kids play in the backyard.

The boys learned how to build a fire in the fireplace. As you might suspect by our winter gear and the grey skies, it didn't feel like April, and we were grateful to have long mornings and evenings by the fire.

Castles, bag pipers, birthday, a "Top Gear" marathon by the fire. It was restful. We went to Easter mass in a quaint town and enjoyed the Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick (and meeting faux princesses. They're at every castle. Harumph).

Our favorite part was playing in the backyard of the farmhouse (we miss do miss a yard!) and exploring the coastline of Sea Cliff Beach. This is absolutely Europe's best bargain! For just £2 all the nature and wildlife our city smalls have been craving.  

Some urban girls needed a bit of transition time to enjoy the elements.

And everything is better with cake. Apparently the invitation read, "Come as you are" or at least that was Baby Sister's plan.

It was super and added to our list of new places we've been. Now we can say we've been to England, Scotland, Germany, Spain, France, and a pair of us to Italy. Next up is a week in Spain!

And I can't look at these chilly scenes without raising a glass of Pimm's (it is that time of year!) to the delightfully sunny, cloudless skies we've seen over London for many days now. Summer has arrived.

Big Brother and Year 3 are off to explore the Greenwich Maritime museum today. Think of him visiting where time begins. We're hoping to slow it down next week on the beach where the heat of the day requires siestas and churinguitos. And a dip in the pool.

G'bye Scotland! Pass me the "suncream!"

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