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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

West Side (of London) Story

The sun and related warm weather finally returned to London last week. So the kids played on the fire escape after school while Biggest Brother sanded a wooden sword for his school assembly.

Very belts and suspenders, my guy. He asked for protective covering for his mouth and eyes. Because he read it on the sandpaper instructions. (Who reads that sort of thing? And then follows the instructions to the letter? Biggest Brother, that's who.) Thus the trusty Red Bandana. You already know our devotion to the bandana.

The afternoon was spent in curious awe of this still strange part of our flat and passing books and toys from Baby Sister's window outside. You can spy her in the background flipping through pages. The boys were able to demonstrate their chivalrous best when Big Sister dropped a set of play keys a few stories down. She let out a yelp and then burst into tears! (Once they had my okay) the boys dashed down to the ground floor and proudly raced to return the treasure to their little sissie.

They felt terribly important to help Big Sister and I think they were also tickled for an excuse to explore even more.

They are so city, our kids.

Like West Side Story. Minus the Sharks, Jets and knife fights. Really only because they were making song and dance on the fire escape.

A small thing, to spend the afternoon playing on a fire escape, but honestly, not how I envisioned their playtime. Ever. And assuredly, not something they'll be doing years from now.

These are the very things that make this an adventure.

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