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Friday, May 4, 2012

Spring in London

It has rained an inordinate amount this spring. But somehow there is still a hose pipe ban. Not owning a hose pipe (or having heard of such a thing until recently) or a yard or car in need of washing, we're a bit divorced from the idea that there is a drought in the UK. And mystified by it, too. It rained all of March and April. April was the wettest in London in a century. Actually, when my brother and his family left last July 4, they seemed to have taken the sunshine with them. We're hoping it will return when they do this summer. But it is certainly better to have this "cloud" now than when we arrived last spring.

So on Monday when it dawned with a bright, shiny orb in the sky we rejoiced. Well. At least the Mister and I did. We let the children sleep. Two of them were still sleeping off a sleepover at a friend's. Sunday morning found the Mister and me with just the girls. Strange times indeed. The Mister pointed out that when the boys are grown and off to college, our balance will shift. The girls will be home without the boys fulltime. Always thinking ahead, the Mister. It was strange, waking up without our guys in the flat. We experienced a certain drought of noise, of ebullient chaos. The tiger cubs were missing from the zoo.

Big Sister noticed right away, coming in early morning to wake me instead of joining her busy brothers in the living room. It is also higher pitched, the sound of our home, without the boys here. And quieter, but not in a good way. It was all a little funny without them. We all worked harder to keep up our conversation going where normally they would be chatting away.

Spring is time of change, growth, renewal, refreshment. Beginning again. Looking forward. As we look forward to the fall, we are delighted that Baby Sister will go to Our Sweet School with the big kids! Then we'll want to freeze* time a bit because decisions will be upon us about where and what is next.

Maybe it was the strangeness of not having the boys that morning or the rushing of the calendar pages, but spring seems to be a time of reflection, too. It is nice to look ahead, but not too far. Maybe just far enough ahead that Big Brother won't have goosebumps when he's bold enough to wear uniform shorts to school (with a sweater and jacket!).

*And also, you should know I mean freeze in a figurative way. I'd like to not continue to need a scarf when the rest of you are poolside. But don't let this in anyway keep you from coming. It will get warmer. And the boys will be home and the girls will be thrilled. That will make it warm and sunny when you're here.

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