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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Waving a Paisley Flag


An ode to bandanas.

The hankerchiefs of cowboys. Softer with each wash. Available in a rainbow of colors. We seem to have the most in red, lots of navy and a few pinks, too.  Taking a page from my own Biggest Brother's book, I've carried one since Biggest Brother arrived in our family.

A bandana can be a bib, hankie, headscarf, and a cleaner and dryer of wet playground equipment. It is a doll's picnic blanket, a peekaboo game, an essential item not to be left behind.

And last week at the park, it was wrapped around a little injured friend from Our Sweet School as he was hustled off to an A&E for a few stitches. I didn't realize how unique a red bandana was here, but his mother reports it became a delightful distraction and conversation piece. The kind folks tending to him pretended he was equal bits pirate and cowboy. How he came to be that was of great discussion. And that helped make him better.

Made in the USA. You never know what you might have tucked in your purse that will bring cheer to the British. Be on the lookout for Baby Sister. She wears her bandanas with a special swagger and a cheesy grin.

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